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Lovely, and realistic....  Simon B, SE18

Everything arrived today in beautiful condition.  Your Bonsai is magnificent!  It is the best I have seen!   I was also thrilled with your customer service as well as your artistry.  Alyson R-B, Springfield, PA. USA

I am in California, USA. I can\'t wait to try and make my own tree. Thank you for your talent and generosity during the (online) class! Your work is incredible!  ...Maggie Martos MA

You recently met me at a pre-arranged point to hand over my tree to me, as it was too big to post. It was well worth the wait, and I am already considering another one for my dollhouse garden.   ...Chris D,   Rugby 

I thought your stand at xxx looked wonderful.  Your trees are amazing.  What a talented and gifted lady.  ... Elaine C, Scotland

I\'m a farmer, and I tell you, having seen them in the flesh, that those espalier fruit trees are spot on.  Put the right background in a photo and you wouldn\'t know the difference.   ...  J Halls, Suffolk

As a tree surgeon I\'m amazed by your trees.  They are just right.    John S, Northants

This was my first visit to the site.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.    Caroline W

This is one great site for model railways.  Brian G, New Zealand

Extremely talented lady,  Beautiful work,  Brenda, Arizona, USA

Some of the most realistic model trees I\'ve seen.   Tree surgeon, Stafford

Fantastic site.  Admirable skills- brilliant.   Caroline

You really have the gift for tree shape and structure.  Bonsai Enthusiast.

My daugter bought me some trees for Christmas and thought Jacqui\'s service was second to none.  Delivery was very secure and quick, she was very impressed.  Currently looking at more trees to buy for my birthday.  Nigel R

Treelady, it was nice to meet you on Saturday.  Thanks for all your good advice.  Vivian




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