We accept cheques in US dollars too. 


At a couple of shows, the questions have been asked 'do you grow these bonsai', and also 'where do you get your dead branches from to start', " what mould do you use", so please note the following information: 

There are no moulds in use; these trees are made from wire and clay; they are totally inorganic arboriculture (unless having paper leaves), each one individually handcrafted. This is the reason that each tree has a number, because each is unique.  Even when two trees are made at the same time they do not look the same, although they can be a similar style.

As each is unique, in order to purchase a tree you need to email or call with the relevant number to check availability. If you are emailing please make sure that you accept our return emails.  Although efforts are made to keep the sale pages up-to-date, especially if a show was recently attended, something may show as available when it is not. The relevant item being available it will be reserved upon payment in full either for posting or collection  (items on the payment plan are not delivered until fully paid up). 

We take credit cards

If the tree you require is not on a base, and you would like it to be, we are happy to set it in one.  However, there will be a delay in posting it to you as we need to ensure that the base is dry and the tree stable prior to sending it to you.  Additional cost will depend upon the type of base required.


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