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Welcome to Ceynix Miniature Trees 'n' trains - Artistree where ceying is beleafing.

Come in and have a look at our handmade miniature trees - made in Britain - each has it's own personalitree so you know your tree is unique and nobody else has one exactly the same.

Some are suitable for dolls house miniatures, others for railway models and military modellers or wargamers.  Why not sign our guestbook so we know you visited? 

Please be aware that this site is photo intensive so thank you for your patience whilst pages download.


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Trees are available in a great variety of sizes, so if you do not find what you want on this site, please ask.  It is quite possible that we would be able to make it for you. 


Dollhouse trees are available for a variety of uses, for example, potted trees for the patio, greenhouse/hothouse, garden, courtyards; miniature trees on bases that can be fitted into a garden, or have a surround put on them to make them into a garden bed; and trees on bases, some of which already have edgings, can stand alone.  Doll house trees can be made to fit a set size and position in relation to your dollshouse garden or patio.  Miniatures trees are available a variety of sizes and scales; 1/12, 1/24, 1/48, 1/144 and smaller to fit with your mini plants.  Some are suitable for indoors too, for example some bonsai and our retro gem trees.

Batches of model trees for railway layouts/scenery or military dioramas can be made by arrangement. Please email to set a discussion in motion. Model trees can also be made to fit a set size and situation. All scales catered for.

Larger scale railway users could also take a look at some of the trees in the dolls house tree section. Many do not have a planting spike, but you may be able to use, for example, a potted tree on a station; or a based tree could be inset into your model landscape.

Looking for that different gift.  Take at look at our Lilliput_Layout - working railways at a scale of 1:900; and at our tree based personal space enhancers and 3D pictures in our Giftware section.


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Find your dollshouse tree here.  Miniature trees for doll houses gardens, patios, greenhouses and house frontage. Some in pots, some not. Get a tree for your miniatures collection.  A few mini plants and shrubs too, eg wisteria, clematis.

Model Trees, for Railway layouts and military dioramas or other scenery.


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